Jade Meaning and Spiritual Properties

Jade Meaning and Spiritual Properties

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Power & Benefits of Jade:

Jade has long been a prized stone in the East, treasured for centuries it has always been considered a stone of good luck and fortune. It welcomes abundance and positivity. It is beneficial for longevity, and self-sufficiency. It is a symbol of purity, serenity, and nurturing.

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Spiritual & Emotional Influence:

Jade helps in recalling dreams and understanding their messages. It carries ancient wisdom that can be passed on. It encourages you to become who you are, recognizing yourself as a spiritual being on a human journey.

It brings confidence and emotional balance. It stimulates creativity and ideas to solve problems and come up with new solutions.

The Physical Connection:

Jade is thought to be great for the skin, and there are even Jade facial rollers that roll over the skin to relax and smooth skin and muscles. It is said to help with fertility and pregnancy as well as the menstrual cycle. It is also thought to treats the kidneys and adrenals reducing any adrenal fatigue or burnout. It is believed to balance fluids within the body and creates an alkaline system.

The Chakras Connected to Jade:

Heart chakra.

Astrological Signs:

Gemini, Taurus and Aries.

Locations Found & History:

Canada, China, Myanmar, Italy, Myanmar, Middle East, the United States, and Russia. People all around the world have revered jade as one of their prized gemstones. Indigenous tribes in New Zealand and parts of North America used jade, and in China, it has been used in traditional art and sculpture for well over 3,000 years. It was also used by the Mayans and the Aztecs for medicinal purposes, jewelry, and religious artifacts. Jade comes from the saying “piedra de ijada” which means “stone of the pain in the side.” Explorers from Spain saw the locals holding jade to their sides to alleviate their pain.

Rarity, Value & Variations:

Jade has a rich heritage and a beautiful appearance that draws people to it. It can come in a variety of colors, but green jade is the most popular. The price of jade has increased significantly over the past decade. It’s $3000 an ounce which makes it even more valuable than gold.

Two different minerals are referred to as jade including Nephrite, which is the milky or greenish-white jade from China. There is then Jadeite, which is a deep emerald green coming from Burma. The price and value of jade have increased because investors are looking for ways to put their money into portable, non-traceable assets. This means that even smaller pieces of genuine jade will be more expensive than ever. It has a Mohs hardness of 6.

How to Use Jade:

Wearing jade in a pendant, a bracelet or earrings will help you receive the balancing benefits of this stone. It’s also a lovely stone to have in your home in the form of a polished or raw crystal or a carving.

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