Dravite Meaning and Spiritual Properties

Dravite Meaning and Spiritual Properties

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Power & Benefits of Dravite:

Dravite is a good stone for protection. It is a grounding stone that also helps the environment. It encourages community spirit and social commitment. It makes you feel comfortable in a large group, helps to balance dysfunctional family relations, and strengthens empathy. Dravite will infuse you with feelings of courage and joy especially when things are tough.

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Spiritual & Emotional Influence:

Dravite is good for the aura and connection to the earth. It is an excellent grounding stone, helping to clear and open the Earth Chakra and the grounding cord which holds the physical body in incarnation. It helps to clear the aura, aligns the etheric body, and protects it. It will help you descent from higher planes while connecting you strongly to the earth.

The stone has a soothing, relaxing, and reassuring effect on the body, along with the heart and mind. It will help to encourage a positive attitude, especially in situations where you need to start over.

The Physical Connection:

Dravite is thought to be good for the intestines. It is said to help acne and spots on the skin. It is also thought to stimulate regeneration in the whole body.

The Chakras Connected to Dravite:

Root (Base) Chakra .

Astrological Signs:


Locations Found & History:

Australia, Brazil, Europe, Nepal. Dravite gets its name from the place where the stone was originally found, the Drava River in Styria, southeast Austria.

Rarity, Value & Variations:

A dark brown and almost black variety of Tourmaline.

How to Use Dravite:

Wear Dravite in a necklace to gently balance and cleanse your chakras. Once the chakras are cleared, it will draw your energies down and anchor them firmly to the earth. Wear a necklace with a Dravite pendant to help cleanse your energies and assist you in letting go of emotional issues that are stopping you from achieving personal growth. Use for meditation as it will quickly help you reach deep meditative states.

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