Crystals for Healing

Crystals for Healing

According to the laws of physics, everything in the universe vibrates and has its own resonant frequency. Crystals emit positive, calming, uplifting, and energizing vibrations that help you achieve a more peaceful state of mind and a revitalized physical state of being. Those vibrations cover a wide spectrum of energetic resonances. Healing occurs when the body, mind, and spirit are integrated which returns them to a harmonious whole. Crystals combine high vibrations with earthy resonances which are effective on the physical plane and promote well-being. Well-being is a state of mind rather than a physical condition.

Healing crystals are simply the tools you can use to heal and transform your energy. It is said that the magic isn't in the crystal but in you. Crystals have profound healing effects and will bring up the darkest aspects of yourself so you can heal and transform. Before you rule out crystals as a way to heal your body and mind, you want to be open to giving them a chance.

To start you want to find a connection with a crystal. This can be as simple as having a feeling when you first lay eyes on a certain crystal, or it might take a bit longer to connect with one. Each crystal is unique and has a different story to tell. Rose Quartz helps heal the heart and attract love, while Selenite brings mental clarity and dispels negative energy from the body, so you'll want to take some time to shop around for different types before you decide which one is right for you.

Focus on the crystal’s color, shape, and size first rather than the healing properties. More often than not, the crystal that you are drawn to visually possesses exactly the energy you need.

Once you have found the crystal that is right for you, cleanse and recharge the crystal energy. This can be as simple as running clean water over the crystal and then placing it outside under the sun or moon for a few hours. You can then light some sage or loose frankincense on charcoal and infuse the crystal in the sacred smoke. Lastly, you can use sound to clear any lingering or stagnant energy in the crystal, this can be done in a room with some music playing.

Next, set your intention with the energy of the crystal. Hold the crystal in your hands, sit quietly and breathe. You can state your intention out loud, or silently say it to yourself. You want to be clear about what you want to manifest in your life. It is important to connect with your crystal energy every day. Be consistent. You can hold them in your hands while you meditate, place them on your bedside table, or put a crystal on your Chakras. Put in the work, don't expect results right away, if you connect with your crystals daily and make them a part of your routine, you are sure to feel better for it. The following are some of the crystals for healing you can try.

Bloodstone is thought to be a powerful healer, an excellent blood cleanser, immune stimulator, and revitalizer. It reenergizes the body and stimulates the flow of lymph and metabolic processes. It has grounding and protecting properties. It helps with circulation.

Que Sera is considered an all-around healing stone. It is good for stress relief, fears and phobias, creativity, and adrenal fatigue. It combines extremely high frequencies with deeply earthy vibrations. It shields against wifi emanations and other electromagnetic pollutants.

Quantum Quattro is considered a master healer as it combines Chrysocolla, Dioptase, Malachite, and Shattuckite in Smoky Quartz so you benefit from all of the crystals. It is said to be good for the immune system, thyroid, metabolism, stress, headaches, detoxification and so much more. It is a powerful healer for the heart and an activator for the Higher Heart Chakra. It also dissolves negative emotions such as guilt and grief from the Solar Plexus Chakra and reverses destructive emotional programming.

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