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Yooperlites! New Glowing Rock Discovered in Michigan

A Michigan man discovered a new type of rock using a black light to help him search for the distinctive glowing rocks along the beaches of Lake Superior.

Giant Nephrite Jade Boulder Discovered in Canada

Jade is found in masses with different types of Jade to include Jadeite and Nephrite.

Protective Crystals For Empaths

Empaths are sensitive people who take on the spiritual feelings of others.

What Happens when you Wear Multiple Crystals at Once?

If you have a collection of crystal jewelry you may have wondered what happens if you wear all of your crystal jewelry at once, or you wear different crystals at the same time.

FREE Giveaway Jade Massage Roller

Spirit Magic, the crystal and gemstones shop is giving away 100 Jade Facial Massage Rollers!!! In celebration of their 10,000 sale, they are giving away 100 of these.

Discover the Breathtaking Opal Gemstone Called 'Rainbow Tree' from Australia

Opal stones are always incredible to see, and this one is no exception.

Amazing Locations! Crystal Gemstone Mountain in Egypt

Crystal Mountain is located between the Baharyia Oasis and the Farafra Oasis, in the Western Desert of Egypt.

Coleman Mine the Best Place to Find Quartz Cluster

There's hardly a more rewarding activity than mining for crystals.

4 Crystals to Attract Money, Wealth and Prosperity

Most people are always wondering how to manifest abundance and money into their lives.

11 Crystals That Open Your Third Eye Fast

Crystals and gemstones are beautiful to look at, but they also have energy balancing properties.

Seven Powerful Crystals that Everyone Should Have

Crystals have been around for millions of years, formed naturally on the Earth.

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