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Seven of the Best Crystals For Travelers

When traveling, it's nice to bring along some comforting items that remind you of home wherever you go.

Six Crystals for Handling Change and Thriving in a New Scenario

It is said that the only constant in life is change, but there are some ways you can make change easier for yourself, and that involves surrounding yourself with the right people and the right supportive energy.

The Best Crystals For New Beginnings

Starting on any new journey can feel intimidating at first, but it's also full of excitement and opportunity.

Try the Heavenly Bliss of a Crystal Infused Bath

Taking a bath is a great way to unwind and enjoy some relaxing time to yourself.

A Guide to Buying Crystals as Gifts for Others

Sometimes it's hard to know what to buy people, especially adults who already have everything they need and want.

Four Crystals that Computer Users Really Need!

Working on a computer is a necessity for a lot of people these days, and if you are one of those people, you may have noticed some of the physiological effects of Electromagnetic Frequencies or EMFs.

Using Crystals to Reduce and Diffuse EMF's and Electro Magnetic Smog!

EMF stands for electromagnetic fields and is the measurable, invisible field that is produced from electrically charged objects.

How to Have a Crystal Wedding!

When you think of your wedding day you want it to be special, a day when you are feeling happy and at your best.

The Invigorating Benefits of using a Jade Roller in your Daily Routine

A facial roller is a beauty tool that has been around since the 17th century, originally used by Chinese royalty and high society members.

Bringing Crystals Into the Feng Shui of your Environment

Even though Feng Shui is an ancient practice, anyone can benefit from bringing the elements and teachings from this practice into your home.

Cleansing your Home (Or Any Space) With Crystals

Making your home feel more peaceful and relaxing isn’t just about keeping it clean and tidy.

Crystals and Sacred Geometry

Crystals have fascinating properties and are connected to the essence of life.

Drinking Crystal Infused Water for Energy and Vitality

Infusing your water with crystals is pretty simple, but you'll want to follow a few steps so that you're doing it safely.

20 Crystals To Have In Your Collection

Whether you're just starting to collect crystals or you've been a long-time collector, there are crystals you're going to want to have.

Nine Powerful Crystals used by Psychic Mediums

A psychic medium can tune into a person's energy and work with them on different aspects of themselves and their life, or they can also pick up on the energy of loved ones who have crossed over, bringing messages to the living.

The Best Crystals for your Garden

When Spring comes around many people look forward to being in their gardens after a long winter.

Highly Protective Stones for Guarding the Spirit

When you feel like you've been taking on too much and feel overwhelmed with emotion, it's hard to function in everyday life.

Seven Crystals that Give You Energy!

If you are someone who needs your cup of coffee every morning your not alone.

Crystal Gridding Could Be Key to Actualizing your Intentions

Crystals are powerful tools that can be used for spiritual development and the manifestation of your dreams and goals.

25 Beautiful Gemstones And Minerals That Will Blow Your Mind

There are hundreds of crystals and gemstones available, with discoveries being made all of the time.

Crystals that Attract Happiness and Positivity

If you want to be happy, one of the first steps is to think happy thoughts.

3 Reasons Amethyst is one of the Top Crystals of All Time

It's easy to see why Amethyst is one of the most desirable and well-known crystals available, with its purple tones and shimmering points, it's part of the Quartz family.

Finding The Right Crystals For You

To work with crystals, you'll need to choose some that are right for you.

Crystals that Connect with Angelic Realms and Ethereal Planes

When you invite angels into your space, their spirit helps to raise the vibrations in the room and lift your energy.

Sound Therapy! The Healing Power of Crystal Singing Bowls

Studies have shown that sound directly impacts the entire body from the mind, nervous system, muscles, heart rate, and circulatory system.

Five Crystals to Connect More Deeply with the Universe

Crystals can be used for many purposes like balancing your energy and bringing in positive energy.

Crystals that Bring Love into Your Life

Many crystals, if not all, carry a loving and nurturing energy that you can feel when you hold or touch the stone.

A Geode Terrarium Is The New Trend That Will Bring Magic In Your Home

A geode is a crystal with a hollow center filled with crystals and other minerals.

Charge your Garden with Crystals!

Gardening with Crystals is nothing new with First Nation shamans and others from around the world using them for gardening for thousands of years.

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